In one hundred and fifty years time, me and everyone that I have ever met, with the fewest of exceptions, will be completely forgotten to those living.

Yes, great start eh. Ever the optimist!

Perhaps nowadays with digitisation, increasing amounts of data are captured and stored. Therefore, future generations may be able to search the depths of what we currently call the internet. But what is going to be left for them to find?

I always enjoy (well, honestly, I lament) the thought that we have been born too late to explore the earth but too early to explore space. In the second part of James 4:14 it reads “What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes”. And the last I checked there were over seven and a half billion people currently on this planet.

So putting that all together, what is the point?

I know that I am fiercely private. When I am finally comfortable to take off my mask, I reveal only the next mask underneath.

I think I have lost count of how many masks I wear.

I hope that writing here will be a new avenue for documentation and discovery, and hopefully on this journey I will discover the true weight of the masks.