Quite Good

Estoy seguro de que no puedo escribir bien en español. Leo bastante bien, al menos pienso que sí. ¿Pero de escribir? Lamentablemente no. Tampoco puedo mandar mensajes de texto sin revisarlos con un traductor automático. Espero que con la práctica regular yo pueda mejorar.

I have always been reasonable at pretty much everything, quite good at some things, but never exceptional in anything. To clarify, I have always had a wide range of hobbies and interests through sports, music, and art, however I never focused on anything, so I ended up as I am.

So, when I first started to learn Spanish in my early twenties, I was determined to not to give up. It has however always had to take a back-seat role in my life because there was something (apparently) more important going on. I am not disappointed, but I do always feel my current level is n – 1, where n is where I want to be.

Will I ever be satisfied? Especially as I find the equation that I focus on is (n – 1)/t where t = time. I guess you could describe this as my expected feeling of progression over time spent trying, and I sense that it is getting smaller as I feel that I am not progressing as much as I would like.

I am harder on myself than I would even dream to be on anyone else. Maybe I should be more forgiving to myself. The “apparent” important things have been a bachelor’s, gruelling jobs with endless night and weekend shifts, a master’s and a whole array of other professional exams. That would probably do it for most people too.

Well then, the first comforting thing to do for myself is to make a cup of tea.